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 The Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy

The Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy (W2CCA) program is overseen by the FITSI Foundation. This program came about through the thought leadership of the Executive Director of the Federal IT Security Institute, Mr. Jim Wiggins, and three other concerned citizens who are active professionals in the cyber security market and two of the three of these concerned citizens being former military.

During 2012, these individuals spent a substantial amount of time meeting and discussing the idea of introducing a comprehensive cyber security training curriculum into the Wounded Warrior population. The outcome of those discussions was the W2CCA program that would leverage industry certifications as well and a performance-based capstone exam to help train and assess the cyber security knowledge, skills and abilities of those Wounded Warriors who were selected for inclusion in the program.

The following are the highlights of the W2CCA Program:

  • Geared to train Wounded Warriors in the technical aspects of cyber security
  • Leveraging certifications from CompTIA, SCP, ISC2, EC-Council and FITSI to build a ladder of training and certification in offensive security
  • At the end of the program is a handís on assessment which will act as the capstone for the project (performance based)
  • The staff of the W2CCA is working with industry partners to help secure the necessary resources for the program
  • Walter Reed Transition center is supporting the Foundationís efforts to market and find the right kind of candidates
  • Members of the first Cyber Team have been chosen and began their classes the week of March 11th, 2013

More information on the W2CCA program can be see at the following website:  http://www.w2cca.org.