FITSI Authorized Training:  FITSP-Auditor Review Course and Certification Exam


This 3-day training class will help candidates prepare for the FITSP-Auditor certification. The FITSP-Auditor certification is designed to demonstrate that federal workforce personnel, both federal employees and contractors, possess the knowledge of federal IT security requirements necessary to successfully audit and review the management, operational, and technical IT security controls for systems owned by, or operated on behalf of, the federal government. This role deals with high-level, cost-effective, risk-based IT security audit functions that assure program value is achieved within the ever changing risk and evolving threat environments.


The course content covers the six domains that make up the FITSP exam. These domains are:
• NIST Special Publications
• NIST Control Families
• NIST Interagency Reports
• Government Laws and Regulations
• NIST Risk Management Framework


The auditor role is designed for candidates who review and audit automated information systems found within the United States Federal Government. These are usually IT auditors that are found within the Inspector General’s community as well as public accounting companies.

Prerequisites and Advanced Preparation

Candidates should meet the prerequisites required for the certification.

Learning Level


Class size: 20


The class is Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, June 29th-21st, 2021 from 8:30 a.m. EST to 5:00 p.m. EST. The exam can be scheduled remotely after the class is over.


Virtually, online via Microsoft Teams.