Government Adoption of FITSI Certifications


Both the Department of State (DOS) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have approved FITSI Certifications for their workforce!

Department of State (DOS)
DOS has an existing Skills Incentive Program (SIP) that provides department employees monetary incentives for earning industry certifications.

The FITSP-Manager & FITSP-Auditor are currently approved for 15% IT Skills Incentive Pay for FY2019. This incentive is available to all career / career-conditional IT Department of State Civil Service / Foreign Service employees that meet all IT-SIP eligibility requirements.

For full details, internal DOS employees can visit the following site to learn more:

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
DHS recently instituted a Cyber Skills Incentive Program (CSIP) for DHS employees.
CSIP is a NPPD program that provides a retention incentive payment to those employees who occupy a cyber position and possess and maintain a NPPD-approved certification relevant to the position’s National Cybersecurity Workforce Framework Specialty Area.

Certifications are mapped to incentive tiers that indicate the level of incentive that may be paid if an employee meets all the criteria and has a current (non-expired) certificate.
All certifications are mapped to incentive tier III or IV. For FY16, a tier III certification may be eligible for a 20% individual retention incentive, and a tier IV may be eligible for a 25% individual retention incentive payment.

Currently the following three Federal IT Security Professional (FITSP) certifications are eligible for individual retention incentive payment:

  • FITSP-Manager - Level III - 20%
  • FITSP-Designer - Level IV - 25%
  • FITSP-Auditor - Level III - 20%

FITSI members that work at DHS can visit the FY16 Cyber Pay Enhancements Resource Center on the SharePoint site on the DHS network. Alternatively, questions can be emailed to