FITSI's Impartiality Statement

This public statement is used to define the impartiality position of the Federal IT Security Institute.

This statement applies to the Board of Directors of the Federal IT Security Institute, Officers, and others involved in the operation of the FITSI organization. It also applies to all persons (employees, consultants, or volunteers) involved with the certification of personnel for the FITSP Certification Program, including but not limited to all FITSI members (founding, certified, and associate), certification candidates, certification applicants, and certification holders.

FITSI adheres to the principles of fairness and due process and endorses the principles of equal opportunity in aspects of employment and certification. In administering the FITSP Certification Program, FITSI does not discriminate or deny an opportunity to anyone on the grounds of gender, age, employment status, religion, national or ethnic origin, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation, or disability.

Violation of this Statement
Individuals found to violate this statement may be subject to the removal of their position within FITSI. This penalty could include employment, consulting engagement, volunteer activities, membership, or revocation of certification.