FITSI's Privacy Policy

FITSI strives to ensure the security and privacy of all information at hand. FITSI has a firm commitment to the privacy of data. This section will clearly state the Privacy Policy of FITSI as it pertains to information gathered from individual requests for information, individual exam registrations, and membership applications. FITSI reserves the right to change this policy at any time. FITSI certification holders and FITSI members will be notified electronically via email as to any modifications of this privacy statement.

Privacy of Individual Information
FITSI safeguards all individual records and information obtained on a FITSI certification candidate, FITSI Associate Member, FITSI Certified Member, FITSI Founding Member, FITSI employee, FITSI consultant or FITSI volunteer. Except as required in this privacy policy, all information about an individual is considered confidential information and shall not be disclosed to a third party by FITSI without the prior written consent of the individual, except as outlined below in Use of Data. Where the law requires the disclosure of such information to a third party, FITSI will notify the individual before providing the information, when reasonably possible.

Collection of Data
FITSI collects and maintains personal data via voluntary actions of an individual through a request for FITSI information, a certification application, member application, employment or contracting work with FITSI or involvement as a volunteer. Data pertains to but is not limited to name, address, email address, phone number, area of interest and employment.

Use of Data
FITSI uses any personal data collected by the means documented above and third parties acting on behalf of FITSI for candidate administration and marketing related purposes. These activities include the following: to process certification applications, to provide pertinent information and to send marketing communications at the request of FITSI by a third-party marketing firm. Such firms will not own any FITSI provided data and will not keep permanent records of such data.

FITSI will utilize the data to notify interested parties of upcoming seminars, exams, and such events. User email address, phone number, and user entered home address information may be used for such information dissemination to potentially interested parties.

FITSI does not sell any individual information to other third-party organizations, competitors or marketing firms.

FITSI will use personal geographic information and certification area of interest information to determine regional certification interest as well as to assess scope specific certification interest.

Storage of Data
FITSI stores all data about FITSI certified members, associate members, founding members and certification holders until certification renewal and when applicable FITSI updates this information for re-certification. If an individual does not re-certify, FITSI keeps records for five (5) years from the end of the certification period. FITSI shall perform a records purge on relevant data and records annually in December.

FITSI maintains data collected from individuals who do not obtain certification either by personal choice or not passing the certification exam for five years. FITSI shall perform a records purge on relevant data and records annually in December.

Member and certification holder data collected will be stored and maintained as long as the status of the membership or certification is active. Once a membership or certification goes inactive, FITSI shall retain member information for five years and shall be purged annually in December.

FITSI shall permanently keep records of those who have had their certification revoked for not abiding by the FITSI Code of Ethics. This retention activity is to bar these individuals from obtaining future FITSI certifications.

Update and Control of Data
FITSI provides certification holders and members the ability to update and publish their contact information in an online directory via the FITSI website. The type and scope of data to be released is controlled via the certification holder and or member through their online profile account. When a new account is created the default policy is set to "Not published" and the FITSI user then decides the type of information they may wish to publish in the directory.

Privacy of Certification Information
All Records of certification holders and certified members shall be maintained electronically and via a paper file, according to the record control policy.

Candidates shall allow verification of their certification status by using an online tool at the FITSI website. This tool is at the following location:

Candidates must provide their last name as well as their FITSI Certification ID to be able to have the system return a result.